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Message from the Director
Barry Smith, MD, PhD Health, in its broadest sense, is perhaps the most important human resource. Without it, the quality of life, whatever one's situation, is diminished, and one's capacity to provide for one's family and contribute to the making of a healthier community is limited. Health is essential to human potential, both individual and societal. However, there is a terrible burden of illness and lost human potential around the world today. Despite great efforts these problems have not been solved. One of the major reasons for this is that the people with the problem are left out of the equation. The people with the problem are not the problem-They are the solution. We need to unleash their potential, their talents, and their ability to create change.

Helping people to achieve better health for themselves, their families, and their communities is the Dreyfus Health Foundation's mission. We believe that by encouraging and empowering people to make the changes that need to be made, much more can be accomplished. Obviously you need the big programs; you need the technological advances, but unless people are involved and ready to make use of them in an optimal fashion, things will never change to the extent that they should. We need to make the necessary changes to improve the situation instead of waiting for change to happen on its own.

The Dreyfus Health Foundation is about the dedicated people around the world who are working hard to achieve better health in their communities by bringing to life the programs and projects described here. We hope that you are motivated by what you read on our Web site and join us in the revolution for the good of all humanity. Working together, we will make a huge difference.

Barry H. Smith, MD, PhD

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