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Communications for Better Health (CBH)

The Communications for Better Health program, developed in 1990, creates innovative, dynamic, and interactive centers that function not only to disseminate local and international health information, but to collect, organize, and exchange relevant experiences and solutions to health problems through locally prepared digests. Other means of communication, such as radio, video, and the Internet are also used. In regions where communication is difficult, it is especially important to increase the availability and use of information in order to solve health problems.

The CBH program is implemented within a hospital, university, medical library, or non-governmental organization. After evaluating the community's health needs, the CBH team selects up-to-date, relevant health information from local and international medical sources, as well as Problem Solving for Better Health® (PSBH®) project data, and repackages it into a digest, which is distributed within the region and abroad. In certain countries, readers can request full-text articles on specific topics of health and medical interest through an order form in the digest. Recipients of the digests include health workers, hospital staff, students, educators, non-governmental organizations, community members, and PSBH project leaders.

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