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Established: 2005
Workshops: 4
Follow-up Workshops: 2
Projects: 100 (48)
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Contact Information
Velta Lubkina
PSBH® National Coordinator
Telephone: (371-46) 25079
Fax: (371-46) 25079
E-mail: velta@ru.lv

Country: Latvia
City: Rezekne

Yahoo! Facts at a Glance

The first Problem Solving for Better Health® (PSBH®) workshop in Latvia was held in April 2005, in collaboration with the Rezekne Higher Education Institution (RHEI) and Rezekne Hospital. The goals of the program are to identify health problems in the Latgale region, develop action plans to solve these problems, and promote communitywide problem solving using available resources. Workshop participants include doctors, nursing home employees, hospital representatives, and educational institution representatives.

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