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Established: 2002
Workshops: 11
Follow-up Workshops: 12
Projects: 68
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Contact Information
Hector Marroquin Segura
PSBH® National Coordinator
Telephone: (52-444) 8119285; (52-444) 8137106, Extension 203
Fax: (52-444) 8119285
E-mail: marroquinsegura@hotmail.com

Country: Mexico
City: San Luis Potosi

Yahoo! Facts at a Glance

The Problem Solving for Better Health® (PSBH®) program in Mexico was formed in partnership with Colegio de Salud Publica (Public Health Association), San Luis Potosi. The first workshop took place in San Luis Potosi on April 26-28, 2002. The objectives are to improve the health and quality of life of people in poor communities, including indigenous groups, by utilizing the "interculturalism" strategy. This includes educating mothers how to recognize symptoms of intestinal and respiratory infections in children, improving health services and sanitation, providing children with good nutrition, training traditional birth attendants on better prenatal care, and treating substance abuse.

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