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Dominican Republic

Established: 1998
Workshops: 26 (14)
Follow-up Workshops: 11
Projects: 380 (114)
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Contact Information
Adelaida Oreste
PSBH® National Coordinator
Telephone: (1-809) 534-7038
Fax: (1-809) 534-6433
E-mail: draoreste@gmail.com

Country: Dominican Republic
City: Santo Domingo

Yahoo! Facts at a Glance

The Problem Solving for Better Health® (PSBH®) program was launched in February 1999 in collaboration with the Human Resources Division of the Ministry of Health. A local non-governmental organization, CISADE (Centro Integral de Salud y Desarollo- Integral Health and Development Center), coordinates the program in collaboration with DHF. Workshop participants have included university representatives, Ministry of Health workers, ministers from evangelical and Catholic churches, associations of health professionals, representatives from communities displaced by Hurricane George in 1998, community leaders, and nursing professionals.

  The goal of the program is to contribute to better health conditions and quality of life by promoting and supporting solutions to community problems through the coordinated efforts of different sectors and social activists within the community. This includes improving health education in schools; constructing wells, networks for potable water, and latrines; community orientation and mobilization for environmental drainage; education; preparation for childbirth; prevention of cervical and breast cancer, prevention of teenage pregnancies; oral health; mental health and self-esteem; and vocational training.

  The first Problem Solving for Better Health Initiative™ (PSBHI™) workshop was held in San Cristobal in April, 2001. The local committee is made up of 15 social, cultural, and religious community organizations. The objective of PSBHI is to contribute to the community’s development at the local level through multisectoral efforts by which the community can identify and execute alternative solutions to problems affecting the lives and health of its inhabitants.

  Accomplishments include the increased level of participation in the process of identifying and solving problems; and the increased capacity of grassroots organizations to negotiate with institutions, government authorities, and international organizations for support.

  The objective of Problem Solving for Better Health – Nursing (PSBHN™ ) is to increase the participation of nurses to improve the quality of life of individuals and communities, while at the same time increasing the personal and professional development of nurses.

Asociacion Dominicana de Enfermeras Graduadas, ADEG (Dominican
Association of Graduate Nurses)
Instituto de Capacitacion de Enfermeria y Accion Comunitaria,
ICAISACOM (Institute of Vocational Training for Nursing and
Community Action)
Universidad Autonoma de Santo Domingo, UASD (School of Nursing
at the Autonomous University of Santo Domingo)
Universidad Catolica de Santo Domingo, UCSD (School of Nursing at the
Catholic University of Santo Domingo)

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