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Established: 1995
Workshops: 29 (27)
Follow-up Workshops: 29
Projects: 595 (104)
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Contact Information
Ruth Chikasa
PSBH® National Coordinator
Telephone: (260-212) 610010
Fax: (260-212) 610011
E-mail: rchikasa@zamnet.zm

Country: Zambia
City: Ndola

Yahoo! Facts at a Glance

The Problem Solving for Better Health® (PSBH®) program in Zambia was established in partnership with the Foundation for Better Health (FBH). FBH is managed by a nine-member governing board, National Coordinator Ruth Chikasa who manages the program and runs the secretariat, and 18 facilitators who help to run workshops and supervise projects. Health and social areas addressed include gastrointestinal disorders, HIV/AIDS, malaria, malnutrition, mental health, skin disorders, stress-related disorders, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, water supply/quality, and women’s health. The objective of the program is to train and empower front-line health professionals and other citizens in capacity building, in order to strengthen and develop innate and acquired skills that will enable them to take action for better health.

Problem Solving for Better Health – Nursing™ (PSBHN™) was initiated with the Ndola Central Hospital nursing staff under the direction of Ruth Chikasa. Many of the projects generated addressed the challenges faced by nurses around the world, including retention, continuing education, and quality of nursing care standards. Goals of the program are to positively impact hospital policy and conditions at Ndola Central Hospital, the second largest hospital in Zambia, which is currently operating with only one-fourth of the nursing staff needed. Nursing projects from the first workshop are currently being implemented to remediate the situation.

The Communications for Better Health® (CBH®) program began in 1992 when DHF donated a four-stack CD-ROM drive and a Medline subscription to the University of Zambia, School of Medicine Library. In May of 1994, the IBM International Foundation donated computer equipment to the Medical Library, and production of the Zambia Health Information Digest began. The digest was produced and distributed to physicians and other health professionals in nine provinces. Distribution of the digest is through the Central Board of Health (Health Education Unit), indicating the value and support the government shows for the program. Approximately 100 institutions receive it via email, while others can access it for free on the Internet.

Ndola Central Hospital

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