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Established: 1990
Workshops: 36
Follow-up Workshops: 27
Projects: 1253 (222)
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Lynda Arthur
CBH® National Coordinator
PSBH® National Coordinator
Telephone: (233-21) 236700
Fax: (233-21) 233567
E-mail: hfghana@idngh.com; hfghana@hotmail.com

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Country: Ghana
City: Osu-Accra

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Ghana was the pilot site for the Communications for Better Health® (CBH®) program in 1990, with Mr. Daniel Addo, librarian of the University of Ghana Medical School Library, Korle Bu, Accra, serving as the program coordinator. When the program began, the digest, Current Medical Literature, Ghana, was sent to various individuals and institutions. In November 2000, the program was adopted by the Health Foundation of Ghana. The digest was re-named the Ghana Health Digest and distributed to a target group that includes doctors, nurses, pharmacists, libraries, members of Parliament, business organizations, embassies, banks, district health management teams, and the public at large. Online requests for the digest are frequently made via the Ghana program Web site. The editorial board is comprised of faculty from the University of Ghana Medical School and Ghanaian doctors, and attracts many advertisers. Ghana was the first site where the government made a formal effort to incorporate CBH into its programs.

In addition to print format, content is also disseminated using radio, video, and the Internet. The Ghana Broadcasting Corporation reads sections from the publication on the health segment of its national morning "Breakfast Show." Articles are regularly printed under the health section of the Daily Graphic, a national newspaper. Local health messages, in local languages, are captured on video and used to educate those living in isolated, rural communities throughout the country.

The Ghana Health Digest contains current medical literature focusing on local health conditions, as well as information on other health topics. Features written by specialist health professionals on selected topics are an important section of the digest. Workshop information, program announcements, abstracts of completed projects, and project reports, as well as health quizzes for readers to test their knowledge on a range of health topics, are part of each issue. Health topics include buruli ulcers, cardiovascular disorders, dental/oral health, depression, eye care, family planning, gastrointestinal disorders, HIV/AIDS, hypertension, immunization, malaria, maternal and child health, menopause, men’s health, nutrition, sexually transmitted diseases (STDs/STIs), teenage pregnancy, upper respiratory tract disorders, and women’s health.

The Problem Solving for Better Health® (PSBH®) program was established in collaboration with the Health Foundation of Ghana in 1991. The Health Foundation of Ghana, in collaboration with the Ghana Health Service, the Ghana Nursing Association, and the Ghana Midwives Association, conducted its first Problem Solving for Better Health – Nursing™ (PSBHN™) workshop in 2003.

1) To assist communities in the design and implementation of innovative solutions, using and optimizing resources available to them, to solve small-scale health problems and optimization of available resources
2) To assist Ghanaians achieve better health by encouraging community members and leaders to accept responsibility for their own health and not to depend solely on the government
3) To empower as many communities as possible throughout the country

Accomplishments include:
1) Increased awareness of HIV/AIDS and other STIs/STDs in many rural and urban communities via health education campaigns
2) Training of peer counselors in Larteh and Tamale
3) Establishment of a teen pregnancy clinic in Oforikrom, Kumasi
4) Establishment of Ghana’s first breast cancer awareness center, Mammocare 
5) Development of a nutrition guide for the Ministry of Health
6) Cerebral meningitis education campaign for the people of Zangu in the northern region, where many children die of the disease
7) Breast cancer awareness program in Lamashegu South, Tamale
8) Education campaigns on malaria control
9) Skill development for young girls, accompanied by sexual and reproductive health seminars, group discussions, and videos for community and opinion leaders and 30 girls at the Makazia School in Zobeli, Tamale
10) Development of good oral hygiene
11) Adult tourism apprenticeship program in Cape Coast
12) Health education radio programs in Cape Coast
13) Health seminars for skilled workers during meetings at the Business Advisory Center in Cape Coast
14) Health education programs on Radio Z in Koforidua
15) Training traditional birth attendants in Cape Coast

Accra Psychiatric Hospital
Achimota Hospital
Adambraka Polyclinic
Ghana Health Service
Ghana Midwives Association
Ghana Nursing Association
Kaneshie Polyclinic
Korlebu Hospital
La Polyclinic
Maamobi Polyclinic
Mamprobi Polyclinic
Nursing Training College
Pantang Psychiatric Hospital
Ridge Hospital
Tema General Hospital
Tema Polyclinic

Health/Social Issues Addressed:

Communicable/Infectious Diseases

Parasitic Diseases


Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs/STIs)



Gastrointestinal Disorders

Demographic Groups

Children's Health/Child Care

Women's Health

Economic Issues


Employment/Job Skills/Training

Resources (human, equipment, funding)

Income Generation

Health Care & Policy Issues


Access to Health Facilities/Services

Communicable/Infectious Diseases

Nurses (including students)

Clinics/Clinic Administration

Hospitals/Hospital Administration

Health Promotion/Lifestyles/Wellness

Health Promotion/Lifestyles

Dental/Oral Health


Substance Abuse

Mental Health

Psychological/Psychiatric Disorders

Noncommunicable Diseases

Neurological Disorders

Skin Disorders


Gastrointestinal Disorders


Health Promotion/Lifestyles/Wellness

Sensory Function



Social Issues/Services

Other Social Issues

Community Organization

Domestic Abuse/Violence

Family Structure/Function

Cultural Beliefs/Perceptions

Education/Skill Building

Women's Health/Reproductive Health

Family Planning

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