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Problem Solving for Better Health Initiative (PSBHI)

The Problem Solving for Better Health Initiative program emphasizes building broader coalitions and partnerships to impact health and quality of life within a given community or region. It aims to solve health problems by utilizing multisectoral collaborations and communitywide participation. The invited participants include representatives from government and non-governmental organizations, educational institutions, cultural organizations, private enterprises, sports clubs, and the community itself.

The PSBHI program generally takes place after the Problem Solving for Better Health® (PSBH®) program has been well established in a country and many better-health projects have been successfully implemented there. At a PSBHI workshop, the following questions are asked: "How can we help even more people achieve better health and quality of life for themselves and their communities? How can the successful PSBH ideas be linked together in a coordinated fashion to serve people even more effectively? Through such coordinated efforts, can broader, communitywide problems or issues be addressed?" At the workshop, each participant is taken through a process that helps him or her plan a project designed to solve a series of linked problems identified.

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